Anthony Harding
Title: Director Of Operations

Anthony Harding is a modern day Renaissance man. Born, raised and educated in the state of AZ, he has a passion for people, business, arts and experience. After finishing college at Northern Arizona University, he left the state to quench his thirst for adventure and career growth. His professional career has been focused in the realm of Sales/Marketing Management and Operations, which has led him from consulting positions in San Diego and marketing with Dreamworks Records in LA all the way to real estate investment in the Caribbean. Each new destination and position has contributed to his vast knowledge and understanding of the business and social world.

Anthony is an avid internet user, never allowing himself to get too far away from the keys of a laptop or the buttons on a Blackberry. He is part of a generation that understands the way the business and social world are evolving. By embracing the tools at his fingertips, he strives to be as efficient as possible reaching that goal of true success for himself and his clients.

  Sam Harbison
Title: Director of Business Development

I view work as a place where self-improvement must correspond to each daily action. A high standard of quality both personally and with each individual I interact is essential for my daily routine to be successful. After graduating from college with a bachelor's and then a master's degree, I realize that without continuing my education through work, there is no way to prepare for the future. I learned Spanish fluently while living and working in Queretaro, Mexico. The discipline of the people that I worked with inspired my personal philosophy of employment. I understand now how hard work and quality production can create a long-lasting communication between teams of people concentrating on a single goal. It isn't only the end result -- but the means that we take to get there -- that is important.

  Laura Martinez
Title: Senior Designer

Laura has been addicted to art ever since she can remember. The Tucson native went to art school so she could learn how to paint and draw better. Unfortunately, no one wanted to pay her "just to paint and draw wacky stuff all day," she says, so she went to work for a web design company, and then another. She was hired at Mission E Commerce in 2006, and she has been creating beautiful work ever since. Here, she says, each day is another attempt to create a masterpiece- electronic masterpiece. It involves learning and making mistakes, so she can make a better piece tomorrow.

When she's not at work, she has to restrain herself from jumping back on her computer at home. Otherwise, she gets the "claw" hand. Her favorite bands: Tiger Army, Against Me, Transplants, and anything "loud and fast, with lots of curse words." Her favorite vacation destination: Hawaii. But, she says, she'd like to see Europe and some real artwork in Italy someday.

  Robb Dorr
Title: Flash Applications and Software Creation

Robb left his hometown in Maine for Phoenix in 2001 -- right after graduating from high school. By 2004, he had a college diploma in hand -- bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications -- and immediately started working with Cisco Systems as a “flash-grunt” on their Interactive CCNA Certification project.

It wasn’t until later that he discovered an entirely different side to Flash that he knew very little about: ActionScript! He soon moved on to bigger and better projects and found Mission E Commerce, where he has had the opportunity to expand his ActionScript knowledge with each new project. Robb says it’s satisfying to see a project go from conception to fully functional.

When he’s not creating flash for our clients, he loves to run, mountain bike, travel and watch movies. If he could have dinner with anyone, Robb says it would have to be his family back in Maine – because he only gets to see everyone once or twice a year.

  Michael Bernandez
Title:Web Developer

A native Filipino, Mike received his bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of the Philippines in Manila. He moved to Phoenix in 2001 and was hired by Mission E Commerce in 2006. Mike was lured to the field of web development because of the fast pace of the industry, among other things. What is standard practice today, for example, may be considered bad form a couple of weeks from now. When he's not developing a web site for one of Mission E's customers, he is more than likely creating Lolcats, those crazy images of cats with attitude, to post on the 'Net. Hisssssss!

  Lee G
Title: IT Administration and Support
Email: support at missionecommerce dot com

Profile: "I make Internets!"

Favorite Webs:
- cPanel
- CentOS
- Linux Security Demo

  John Ryan
Title: .NET Developer

At 18, John enlisted in the U.S. Army and served his four years in Ft. Lewis, Wash. The Yakima, Wash. native came away with an associate's degree in software applications programming, as well as, a greater sense of confidence. John's love for school helped him soar through his classes, and in 2005, he moved to Phoenix to join his family who had recently moved.

Before joining Mission E Commerce, he worked as a Software Developer with Behavior Data Systems in Phoenix, developing psychological testing applications. He joined Mission E Commerce in 2008. As a .NET Developer with Mission E, John creates the programming and code that enable a Web site to function - or in layman's terms, the parts that you don't see that make the site work.

When he's not playing with code, he might be found visiting his family in Buckeye, especially on Sunday night. His mom makes a mean meatloaf!

  Cecile Duhnke
Title: Content Writer

A camping trip to Joshua Tree National Monument in Southern California and the thought of working for a small daily newspaper brought Cecile to Scottsdale, Ariz. in 1988. Hired as a features and entertainment writer with the Scottsdale Progress, Cecile went on to write for newspapers and magazines both locally and nationally. She was eventually hired as Publications Manager with the National Speakers Association, where she edited their member publication, Professional Speaker, from 1998 until 2006. In 2006, Cecile started her own public relations and marketing firm, Captivating Communications. She joined Mission E Commerce recently as a Consultant and Content Writer. On the weekends, Cecile can be found prying decapitated Barbie dolls and other mangled toys from the mouth of her dog - a pit bull mix -- Rosie, and hanging out with her husband, Seth, daughter Grace.

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